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Roma's Beautiful Home Birth

Updated: Feb 20

It has been over 3 and half months since our son, Nishal, was born. As an active baby, we have not had the chance to pen down our thoughts of his beautiful birth until now as we have been spending all our time with him. Nonetheless, as he now takes his nap, I am in complete awe that his birth is not a hazy memory for me. Instead, I can still remember every single detail of that beautiful day that he entered our lives. And Lorraine played a huge role in our memorable, gentle, drug free birth.

My water bag started trickling the night before Nishal made his grand appearance. Thanks to all the hypnobirthing lessons that we had with Lorraine, it was not a sign of panic. We updated Lorraine and she met us the next morning to see how I was doing.

Lorraine came by and guided Prashanth on the different tools like the tens machine and light touch massage he could use to help me relax.

The surges were still far apart and so, I spent the whole day at home, breathing and getting massages from Prashanth through the surges and when they were over, I would get back to reading my pregnancy books and spending time with Prashanth since it was likely the last day where it was just going to be the two of us!

I was also calling up my gynae's clinic to inform them that I had to bring my appointment forward and that baby was likely arriving tomorrow. Also due to the covid restrictions and guidelines, I was double and triple checking with the hospital that Lorraine was going to receive access to be in the labour ward with Prashanth and I. The clinic confirmed that my gynae has given her the permission but little did I know that Nishal was not so keen to be born in the hospital!

As we approached night time, Prashanth and I decided to sleep early since we had a big day ahead of us and were going to the hospital in the morning.

In the middle of the night however, I woke up as the surges started to get more intense. So, I decided to get into the shower to relieve the pressure and Prashanth called Lorraine so that she could come over and be with us. Lorraine arrived at 3am and by then, I was quite a different person than I was in the morning. I didn't want to talk and was having the silliest of thoughts like "well I managed to do this for the last 20 hours or so, but I don't think I can do this for another 20." At that point, I forgot what Lorraine had told me in one of lessons that during the transition phase, birthing mothers can sometimes reach a stage of doubt and are unsure if they can continue.. and I had already reached that stage!

Thankfully, Prashanth and Lorraine suggested for me to try moving from the bathroom to my bed. I instinctively went into all fours and Lorraine said "I can see baby's head!" And in that moment, everything made sense and I was completely relieved. My baby is not going to take another 20 hours.. he is going to be in my arms in minutes! And with that motivation and wonderful support from Prashanth and Lorraine, I breathed Nishal down on my bed and he arrived 4.15am on 12 October. Prashanth and Lorraine were the first ones to see him as they received him and then he was placed on my chest.

IT WAS MAGICAL. Nishal gave me the best birth I could have asked for: In the comforts of my home, with the support of my life partner and a doula who was completely reassuring and confident.

I am so glad that we decided to have Lorraine guide us in our pregnancy and birthing journey! I would recommend parents- to-be to reach out and speak to Lorraine. Having Lorraine by your side will be one of the best decisions you would be making for yourself and your baby!


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