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Exclusive coaching and
For Parents

I help conscious parents be their most patient, loving and connected. Easy and lasting change with modalities such as hypnotherapy, parenting and coaching.

Find transformation in this 7 week one-on-one coaching, perfectly paced to find a difference in your day to day interactions with your child. 

Stop Hitting or Yelling At Your Kids

Find yourself hitting or yelling at your children despite telling yourself many times you will not do it again? You might be mistaken to think gentle parenting or attachment parenting is not for you and your child.


My kids won't listen to me.

You'd love to apply gentle parenting. You try to tell your child no hitting while he continues slamming a toy at another kid. People are watching. You're getting concerned about how it all looks. Finally a helper picks up the other crying kid and your child gets the space to himself.


Parenting Relationship

Learn how to parent peacefully. You are a team bringing your children the nourishment of love and support to be their best selves. You were never meant to do this alone. Children with bonded parents do better because they have a great base level of security.


Reiki and Hypnotherapy Support

Overcome your issues with a comfortable and gentle yet effective method of Hypnotherapy. Book a discovery call to learn more.

Get in Touch

Always happy to answer your questions or simply have a chat!

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