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Not just a Comb

Congratulations on receiving a wonderful 100% pear wood

Not-just-a-comb with perfect teeth!

This tool is not just for your hair, it is so much more.

Quite like you!

You might already guess its use just from how you have obtained this comb. Watch the video below for a quick explanation of what it does and how to use it!

P.s. If you don't have the comb and want one, they are available at $8!  (free delivery in Singapore)

Contact me if you want one over whatsapp

More about how the comb works

Known as Laogong, or labor palace, the pericardium 8 (PC8) point is said to be very useful in inducing labor.

It’s located in the center of the palm. You can find it easily by making a fist and finding the point where your middle fingertip touches your palm.

Along with this tool, there is a better tool that requires a bit more training - your mind.

The best way to prepare for a wonderful birth is to attend my birth preparation classes which is derived from the studies of gate control theory, hypnotherapy, epigenetics, prenatal parenting, yoga, birth and sexual anatomy and more....

Quote 'Comb' for your special discount ($200) on doula services and $50 off Hypnobirthing classes!

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