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Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method

Fear, pain and tension are usually the cause of stalls in labour, the poor decisions made in birth and the trauma mothers seem to experience which leads to an inability to do the work of mothering post birth.

These fears and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. Hypnobirthing is a method of preparing your mind for a smooth, fearless and safe labour and childbirth. 

Other than working with your subconscious, I will teach you methods of physical comforts, breathing techniques to maximise the efficiency of each surge or to crown your baby without perineal damage. Your husband as a source of encouragement for childbirth to proceed.

You will learn how to confidently question the medical interventions offered that may be unnecessary so you can have the positive birth you want. It is time to bring your power back into your space.

What you get:


- 1 textbook

- 1 parent guide

- 3 mp3s to practice Rainbow Relaxation on your own, to affirm birth beliefs and one for your husband too.

5x Classes:

- Prenatal Parenting

- The Way Birth works and how our mind and body can smoothen and reduce pain during the process

- Breathing techniques for labour and crowning

- How to prepare your body for birth - postures, positions, nutrition.

- Hypnotic pain reduction techniques

- Variations of Normal Birth and what to do

- Common medical interventions, the truth around them and how to make decisions around these offerings.

- How to create the perfect setting for a perfect birth.

- Group hypnotherapy to reprogram and empty out your fears for birth.

- Partner assisted labour comfort and why your husband is soooo important!

- Birth Rehearsals

- 4th trimester - how to smoothen the process into motherhood.


When do I begin?

28 weeks onwards will be optimal but I'll say 'Whenever you feel like it!' Some women find assurance in starting early to know what is coming up. 

How much does it cost?

$750 for every couple.

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Labour Body Preparation

There is no doubt that labour is a physical experience. (but not just!)

What you get:

  • 1-on-1 guidance

  • Exclusive snapshot of the exercises

  • How to reposition your baby if needed 

  • The body work (partner assisted) for keeping the labouring ligaments nice and warmed up for a more comfortable labour.

  • How to use the rebozo to bring comfort in pregnancy and labour.

  • The rest of the day feeling like you're walking on clouds.

1 hour in person

$120 per couple in group

$250 1-on-1

The next group session is on

18th May 2024


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