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How a doula and hypnobirthing help


Hypnobirthing mothers
with a doula birth 
NO medical pain relief


Hypnobirthing mothers
without a doula birth
without any medical pain relief

C-section rate is reduced by hypnobirthing, less so by a doula.


Hypnobirthing mothers
with a hypno-doula


Hypnobirthing mothers
without a doula


No Hypnobirthing
Basic doula


Birth Doula Support

Birth is a sacred rite of passage which encompasses the alignment of mind, body and spirit as you journey with your baby. Accountability begins as you realise the power you have over the outcomes of your life.

 So you begin to learn the truth of birth. You find the beliefs and fears that stand in the way of a beautiful birth. As you learn to connect to your inner wisdom, you learn tools you will bring into the birth room. The journey of self discovery and healing culminates in a beautiful. ecstatic and transformational birth - you have birthed yourself into motherhood.


Engaged - Get Prepared. 

2 roads for All my birth doula clients

1. Prepared with a hypnobirthing course - whether with me or through a reputable instructor.


2. Hypnotherapy preparation for mothers who have attended other birth courses and are still uncertain.

You will also have a class on body preparation for labour - these are moves to work the birthing ligaments and muscles.


Put Structures in place

You have obtained the go ahead with your doctor about having a doula.

We will consider all options and put a plan in place. I will send you information of what to look out for and what to pack.

You will be provided with a tens machine, ball and rebozo for the day.


Labour Support

The day has come. I would have been on stand by before your Estimated Due Date.

I provide a bespoke service at early labour - practices to quicken labour and to increase your comfort.

I will return and be with you all the way through into the hospital. I have a practice of cleansing the energy space. The support is usually physical and also with guided meditation unless I am requested to leave the mom alone! You're the Queen.

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