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I am committed to making a change in the world through loving, connected and conscious parents. It starts with a confident and stress-free birth. I help women to get ready for birth, turn their babies, have relaxing births and recover from birth quickly and easily. In the process, their babies are building resilient minds and bodies.

I started birth work in 2019. Since then I have supported parents in their wishes for a positive birth - be it unmedicated, unintervened, epidural or Vaginal Births After Caesareans. The effect of hypnobirthing education was so profound, I certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis along with physical comfort and energy work has been my preferred way of support - allowing mothers to enjoy the sacred journey of birth into motherhood,

My experience extends to:

- Variations of baby presentations (Breeched, OP, Face presenting)

- Moms with Medical conditions - IVF, GD, Strep B

- Vaginal Births After C-sections

I am also blessed to be a mother of 2 wonderful children and a cat. 

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+65 93847453

Skills and Certifications


Childbirth International

Certified Birth Doula

Basic certification in understanding the labouring body, birth and how to provide physical and emotional birth support.

Sophie Messager

Closing The Bones Workshop

Basic skills - practice enhanced by side teachings of indigenous Mexican medicine women.


Spinning Babies

Hypnobirthing - Mongan Method

Workshop - understanding positioning of babies and birthing ligaments. Tools for repositioning and relaxing muscles.

Hypnobirthing Educator Certification

Teaching Groups birth tools, birth fears reprogramming and the truth of natural birth and how to achieve it easily.


Hypnotherapy Training Institute

Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification

Theta Healing

Theta Healing Practitioner


Hypnotherapy Training Institute

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


Usui Reiki Association

Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner Certification

Baby's Grasp

“We are born of love; Love is our mother”


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