At your service

My mission is to inspire and support women on their road to motherhood. 

Fear and self doubt stands in the way between you and a wonderful birth. I strive to help you look forward to giving birth. I will support you on your personal journey to an empowering, instinctive birth and motherhood. If those fears don't apply, then I'm there to provide you with comforts and support so you have a pleasant and easier birth. Our memories of birth stay with us forever. 

How I started:

I started with a Birth Doula certification soon after my own surprisingly pleasant (I'm Singaporean) hypnobirthing journey and started attending births including successful VBACs. Realising I was only scratching the surface of the birth realm, I certified (2020) as a Hypnobirthing educator.  I have found that women with hypnobirthing tools tend to have shorter and more calm births.


The learning never stops and I am continually amazed at the power and magic of the female body and mind. Since then I have attended work shops on womb massages and spinning babies to help my mummies with an even more awesome birth.

What I am not:

A magician. All the power is in you. I am only there to help you find it. 


Your decision maker. Taking control of your birth decisions means you are less likely to feel traumatised by your birth experience. 

Doula style.

I am very hands on. Stroking, massaging, oiling and making you feel comfortable. I enjoy putting the couple to sleep if possible. I use scarves, knuckles, tennis balls and also have a tens machine for my clients. I recommend essential oils but do not apply them because I am not an aromatherapist. I am also not allowed to perform vaginal examinations or make calls in medical situations.

Hospitals I am registered at

Thomson Medical Centre, Mt Elizabeth Orchard, Mt Elizabeth Novena, Gleneagles. 

What I am like outside the birth scene.

My heart and arms are full with my family (which includes 2 kids and 1 cat). I am interested in cooking and tasting food and wine from all over the world. I love a good book or conversation. Every now and again, I seek adventure and the unconventional. I try to stay fit and strong so I can have adventure (and also lift my mummies....I know they always feel secure with my grip!)


Certificates of everlearning


HypnoBirthing® International - The Mongan Method, Sept 2020

HypnoBirthing Educator Certification

CBI logo.jpg

Childbirth International, March 2019

Birth Doula Certification


Spinning Babies, Jan 2020

Spinning Babies Workshop

Sophie Messager London, Oct 2019

Closing the Bones Workshop