At your service

My mission is to inspire and support women on their road to motherhood.

What I am:

Fear and self doubt stands in the way between you and a wonderful birth. I strive to help you look forward to giving birth. I will support you on your personal journey to an empowering, instinctive birth and motherhood. 

I began a Birth Doula certification soon after my own hypnobirthing journey and started attending births including successful VBACs. Realising I was only scratching the surface of the birth realm, I certified (2020) as a Hypnobirthing educator (the mongan method - imitated never duplicated). The learning never stops and I am continually amazed at the power and magic of the female body and mind.

What I am not:

A magician. All the power is in you. I am only there to help you find it. 

Your decision maker. Taking control of your birth decisions means you are less likely to feel traumatised by your birth experience. 

What I am like outside the birth scene.

Eating and drinking and exercising off some of the calories. I used to travel a lot more. So now I'm cooking and tutoring my children a lot.


Certificates of everlearning


HypnoBirthing® International - The Mongan Method, Sept 2020

HypnoBirthing Educator Certification

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Childbirth International, March 2019

Birth Doula Certification


Spinning Babies, Jan 2020

Spinning Babies Workshop

Sophie Messager London, Oct 2019

Closing the Bones Workshop