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Labour is your key to spiritual ascension.

Have you ever heard of Dark Night of the Soul?

In short, this term was coined by St John of the Cross. It is a period of time when you go through a void of darkness to release fears, ego and other illusions ending in spiritual evolution. You come out of it more aligned with your soul purpose and definitely more connected to the divine that flows within you. Spiritual ascension allows you to transcend the illusions of the human existence.

It can be scary and depressing going through it. Everything seems to have lost meaning and you feel incredibly alone and abandoned especially by God. Even Jesus on the cross as he cried ‘Father why have you forsaken me?’ before transcending his body went through it several times. Being in human form allows us to feel. We get gifts of pleasure and because the 3 dimensional life is of duality, we get the gifts of pain.

Gift of pain — yup I said it and not sarcastically. Pain is a gift that guides us into the divine. Connection is divine….and the opposite which is ‘the disconnect’ is of darkness — the real meaning of what it is to sin in Christianity. There is so much darkness around us in the form of sweetness. its hard to tell sometimes until you take a deeper look.

It pervades the medicalised manner of labour and birth. Do you know why? Women are so powerful in creation. The best way for control and a fear based society is to start with women who will then continue fear based parenting to have fearful kids.

How does this relate to Labour?

Women transcend spiritually when they go through labour the way nature intended — which is an intended dark night of the soul as a woman transforms energetically into a mother. The phases parallel. I like to use the analogy of The Blue Lotus. The blue lotus rising has a lot of wisdom to impart to us.

See the seed going through the darkness of mud and earth. Here you experience some pain (which is a gift and compass to guide you through) and the intensity of uncertainty. (Side note: Don’t you think you deserve a birth escort to see you through? When a person goes through a dark night of the soul, it is expected a therapist be seen. Don’t you think a woman in labour deserves one?? Again, the darkness will tell you that you are unworthy and should be able to go through it alone.)

This pain can and will subside upon surrender. Surrender requires a few ingredients — the main important one is the feeling of safety.

Of course, the temptation of disconnect will come to tell you ‘Oh, honey, you don’t have to suffer this pain and rip apart. You’ll still be a mother regardless. What if you die? You may die.’ (I don’t know when the last person died in Singapore from childbirth. These are irrational fears passed down from culture and assaulted women.)

Upon shedding ego and attachments into true awareness, you emerge to be carried in the waters of spirit…and allowing you to connect with your higher self. In labour, you can begin to experience peace and rhythm as you are carried by the beings of light through the river of light. Stay in the space and allow your divine masculine (Husband) to protect your state so you can move into the next realm.

Shedding more densities of fear and moving more and more into the high vibrational energies of Love (oxytocin), you can now access bliss. Just as the way the blue lotus moves into air….

If your guard (your husband) can protect the privacy and quiet of the crowning and birth, you can blossom into conscious motherhood in fire, experience what many call an orgasmic or ecstatic birth. Your body rewards you with a tonne of endorphins and you see mothers and fathers crying joyfully. Without a single shred of regret. In awe of the miracle of life and creation.

Notice that the Blue Lotus has grown through all 4 elements — Earth, Water, Air and Fire. You have had a spiritual birth going through these phases.

Spiritually ascended

Can you see the parallels?

Transformation and rebirth usually occurs at some sort of release or death — that requires you to go through the pain and not around it.

When you come out of it, you have formed an unbreakable bond with your baby and your divine

masculine partner. You have learned how tapped in you are to your inner knowing of what is best for yourself and your baby — which allows to make the best decisions despite all that noise out there from so-called experts. You are connected. In love to the divine. And that is an awakening to who you really are.

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