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Breech baby: How Hypnotherapy helped.

When a mother has a baby in breech, she is likely to be advised to have a c-section.

Turn your breech baby
Turn baby turn!

Luckily for Trina* (not her real name) who was 38 weeks pregnant, Trina had a doctor who was neither pro nor anti c-section and gave her all the options available. He was careful not to lean into any option which allowed Trina to make her decision. This doctor is Dr Lai Fon Min. Trina was initially upset however, but with conversation with me realised that she was wanting the Doctor to make a decision FOR her.

Which would not have bode well for her in the future.

When Trina came to me, she had already done all the exercises available to her to turn her baby. She was exhausted. She had also done moxibustion, temperature, music etc. Everything! She was definitely pro-active, a go getter and a planner.

To add to her distress, she felt unsupported and is terrified of hospital equipment, needles and nurses. So I suspected the root cause was more emotional and spiritual rather than a physical issue. This I realised I can help with.

She was not sure if she wanted to go through to the scheduled ECV ( A procedure to turn the baby manually. Usually with a low rate of success of about 27%..) on Saturday. It was Wednesday.

Studies have shown that Hypnotherapy increases the success rate of ECV significantly to 40+%. Here is one about NLP and Hypnosis and here is another one.

The Session

At some urging, She managed to book in a physio in the morning before the ECV. and we booked a session for Hypnotherapy on Friday. We got the intake forms done and I got to work writing up a bespoke hypnotherapy session for her. We worked hard on finding the emotional cause of all the tension in each muscle. We spoke with the baby and also looked at other inhibiting factors....while in a deep state of wisdom. As we went deep within, we realised there were factors from the time she was a baby. :(

The results:

The morning after the session, Trina reported she had the best sleep (lowest heart rate recorded) of her entire pregnancy. The physio spotted a tight muscle which tied her hip flexors up. She felt calm and empowered as she walked into the hospital which usually seized her up.

Released the Fear of needles

She used the hypnosis tool of anaesthesia on her hand to help with the injections and claimed it was super helpful. ECV is a usually intensely painful experience and she managed to get through it with other hypnosis tools we had gone through together. Her husband, Dan*, was also briefed on what to do to assist and he did an amazing job (from what I heard!)

From breech to ECV success

Babies want to get head down when it is possible for them. All we did was help provide the right environment. So as as soon as we did that, her baby flipped easily and soon, contractions began.

She went home to rest and get ready...

AMAZING Birthing following a breech turn!

By Sunday, her baby was born naturally. The same tools got her through to 8cm dilation without any epidural! She had an amazing experience, crowning her baby without any tearing.

Yay for Hypnobirthing!

Hypnotherapy has so many applications for life and birth and parenting. If you need any support, know that you are deserving of it and you do not have to figure it all out on your own. Reach out and we can discuss if hypnotherapy is possible for you.

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