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A Breeched Birth VLOG!

Amanda and Amit had a smooth and easy Breeched birth at 37 weeks here in Singapore. Doctors would tell her she is high risk because she has gestational diabetes and this baby was conceived via IVF. Pfft! Get a natural birth savvy doctor and you can do what is best for you and your baby. The alternative would have been an emergency c-section with another doctor.

They prepared with me through hypnobirthing...and through my energy/hypnotherapy support. Amanda has been nothing short of conscientious. Amit was so supportive. They have so much love in their relationship and now this extends to their baby. They are fearless because they did the inner work.

She did not even have to use the tools I provided her - the comb, the tens machine, the ball.

Baby Lyric decided to enter the world feet first, supported by amazing higher energies of birth. She is soooo calm and well adjusted. Amanda recovered beautifully and quickly.

I'm so proud of the couple - its like they are my children and I'm just holding space for them to bloom into their highest, empowered and exalted selves. SO PROUD.

I hope this video inspires you to know that you can have the birth you want. You just have to prepare :) :)

P.s. Cannot believe my children made it into the video. hahhahahahahha. Its become a family event.

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