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Closing The Bones Ceremony

Experience the healing benefits of our Closing the Bones ceremony. It is believed that energy leakages occur post womb opening and as bones shift during labour. This ceremony 'closes' this leakage up to return the energy to the mother.

This ceremony has roots in ancient Ecuadorian tradition that supports women during postpartum recovery, as well as those who have experienced abortions or miscarriages. We use gentle massages and binding techniques to promote healing, realignment of the pelvis and closure for the body and mind. 

Upon registration, I will be in touch to get an update about your birth experience and to connect. I will also be sending prayers and curating a customised experience most suited to you.

This is a loving gift for a friend in your life. Gift Voucher Available! Get in touch!

Releasing stuck emotional energy

"That was different and so awesome.

I felt simultaneously like a baby and a mother at the same time. It felt like you were listening and working with my body - not just your usual standard massage.

It wasn't a massage. That was...a ceremony."

Happy client post session.

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