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Doula Lorraine

If you're looking for intimate group birth classes and close attention and support from your doula, you've come to the right place.


About My Practice

You may not believe birth can be positive. Your first step is to get a doula and a natural birth education. The rest is up to your open mind and commitment. 

As a doula, I am very hands on. I agree with the Hypnobirthing promotion of instinctive birth. I believe in the essential step of clearing out the fears inherited (from movies, friends etc..) and reprogramming with visuals and affirmations of the truth. (It seems not all Hypnobirthing programs do this - but definitely the Mongan Method which I practice does.) I also use the deep relaxation and deepening techniques that we have practiced together so you can be refreshed and happy when you meet your baby. I like to create an experience that makes you feel loved and supported. I love watching mothers and fathers connect during the birth of their baby. It is such a powerfully emotional moment - the time a baby passes from one realm to another after incubation in a safe in-between. Why wouldn't you want to experience this?


HypnoBirthing benefits all types of births.

Trust the statistics and observations from this carefully crafted, evidence based international program (Mongan Method)

  • Natural birth becomes achievable: 80% of those who attended the Mongan method HypnoBirthing classes achieved a natural non medicated birth - statistics from HypnoBirthing Parents’ Birth reports that were collected between October 2005 and October 2010

  • Improved healing: Hypnobirthing mothers use their relaxation techniques in the event of a c-section for a calmer birth. Relaxed muscles make for better healing. Being prepared for whatever turn birthing takes and making informed decisions eliminates trauma.

  • Confidence: A significant difference positively in attitude towards childbirth and labour was found amongst couples who had attended hypnobirthing classes. Fear affects your choices negatively. (Bulez, Aysel & Ceber, Esin & Sogukpinar, Neriman, 2018)

  • The right message: Choose your classes wisely:  Few hospital-based classes truly prepare a woman for natural childbirth (Simkin & Bolding, 2004), reinforcing a anticipation of fear. Many women leave other childbirth education classes more afraid and ready to go down the intervention route despite their deepest desires.

  • Pleasant Birth, intact perineum: Hypnobirthing Mongan Method mothers were found to experience less discomfort (statistically significant) compared to the control group. (Paramasivam & Mariappan & Chan, 2020) In the same study, Hypnobirthing Mongan method mothers were also less likely to have a 2nd degree tear. (20% vs 66% in the control group.) Breathe your baby down! (aka Open Glottis push)