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Have a relaxed, easier, shorter and smoother birth. Feel amazing and transformed. Have a healthier, alert baby. Your birth partner in awe. Retain your wonderful sex life. and that is not all....

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Pregnant Woman


(YES, you ARE already a mother, you amazing creator of life!)

Are you worried about a long, excruciatingly painful labour that will result in some sort of emergency medical intervention and permanent damage that will ruin your sex life, or cause you to pee whenever you laugh?

Are you concerned that even if you got an epidural to numb you out, you would have to suffer a painful needle in your back that could cause damage and even so, may not work

Perhaps you worry about your ability to mother being bed bound with c-section stitches, postpartum blues, sleep deprivation and breastfeeding problems and just more responsibilities in your full plate? 

And most of all, you worry that you won’t have all the answers.

Natural childbirth is not a weird, faraway concept reserved for the very strong, very hippie or the ones who need to prove a point. It is actually a healthy and smart decision for yourself and your baby. It can be easy.

I invite you to learn HOW to experience natural childbirth in a way that is safe, enjoyable and stress free for you, your husband and your baby. Just the way my clients have. 

I became a hypnobirthing doula, a certified Hypnotherapist, an energy healer, a yoga enthusiast to find the secret to a short and beautiful birth. I watched in joy as my clients achieve their dream births. If ONLY I was as savvy as them to enlist the right help and had access to knowledge. Above all, if only I believed it was all possible and took charge.

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After interviewing 3 doulas, I found Lorraine to be the best one - and I'm so glad I chose her to help me achieve my VBAC! Lorraine is well-versed in her craft. She lives and breathes the beliefs and values of hypnobirthing - belief in the wonders of a woman's body, awe for pregnant mothers, and a strong conviction in the sacred space of birthing and protecting the space for the mother. I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 hypnobirthing sessions with Lorraine. She taught me and my husband how to prepare for birth so that when labour began, we would know what to do. During labour itself, I was so grateful for her presence, the comfort she provided and the absolute clarity she had throughout the birthing process. She knew how to quickly bring me into relaxation, helped me with getting in and out of the shower and knew when to make the call to go to the hospital. Thanks to her, birthing was a joyful and painless process! I'm ever in awe of the wonderful and meaningful work Lorraine does, and would absolutely recommend her to all looking for a joyful, drug-free and beautiful birthing experience.

Victoria, VBAC Goddess

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Trust the statistics and observations from this carefully crafted, evidence based international program (Mongan Method)

  • Natural birth becomes achievable: 80% of those who attended the Mongan method HypnoBirthing classes achieved a natural non medicated birth - statistics from HypnoBirthing Parents’ Birth reports that were collected between October 2005 and October 2010

  • Improved healing: Hypnobirthing mothers use their relaxation techniques in the event of a c-section for a calmer birth. Relaxed muscles make for better healing. Being prepared for whatever turn birthing takes and making informed decisions eliminates trauma.

  • Confidence: A significant difference positively in attitude towards childbirth and labour was found amongst couples who had attended hypnobirthing classes. Fear affects your choices negatively. (Bulez, Aysel & Ceber, Esin & Sogukpinar, Neriman, 2018)

  • The right message: Choose your classes wisely:  Few hospital-based classes truly prepare a woman for natural childbirth (Simkin & Bolding, 2004), reinforcing a anticipation of fear. Many women leave other childbirth education classes more afraid and ready to go down the intervention route despite their deepest desires.

  • Pleasant Birth, intact perineum: Hypnobirthing Mongan Method mothers were found to experience less discomfort (statistically significant) compared to the control group. (Paramasivam & Mariappan & Chan, 2020) In the same study, Hypnobirthing Mongan method mothers were also less likely to have a 2nd degree tear. (20% vs 66% in the control group.) Breathe your baby down! (aka Open Glottis push)

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Pregnant woman in nature

When a child is conceived, a mother is also conceived. The woman existed before but the mother is completely new.

Osho (originally)

Modifed Quote by Your Soulful Guide

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Finding my Life Purpose

It started out with the birth of my first-born. Like most Singaporeans, I got the best obstetrician on the street and left him to do whatever was necessary.

My husband sat in an arm chair 2 meters away as I laboured, oblivious to my needs. I felt so alone. A nurse picked up that I was in need of comfort and soon an anesthetist came in. I thought medical staff knew better about what I needed. The commonly used epidural would lengthen with labour. I did not know this. A form was put in front of me and I signed... To be honest I was scared and I let the fear make decisions.

As I was fully dilated, I was asked to push. A student doctor came in with my doctor, an episiotomy was given without reason and my son was vacuumed. He was angry! Babies do not like being pulled out and I'm glad my pelvic floor was not overly damaged.

He was wiped while crying frantically and put on my chest. I was underwhelmed by the whole thing - but managed a smile at my seemingly healthy baby. The doctor said to me 'You could have pushed him out.' as I looked at him holding my baby trying to let everything sink in. An after thought of 'then why didn't you let me do it?' lingered. Why did I give my power away?

When I was pregnant again, I decided I wanted a natural birth. I was called crazy. I did a hypnobirthing course but thought it was too expensive to hire a doula. (a mistake.) The hypnobirthing course did help - my husband no longer sat on an armchair far away. This time, he was more attentive to my needs based on a sheet of paper I had prepared for him. He had a great experience being involved and I loved having him provide comfort. We still have some funny stories about the birth.

I laboured the way I wanted to - in the tub, with the tens, active, totally part of a natural process. More importantly I felt amazingly transformed after the birth. Your birth story stays on your skin. My baby girl was born, calm. No crying. I was there holding her, feeling absolutely superhuman.... and bonding so quickly. No depression to overcome. No shock to process.

I knew so many women were deprived of this gift. With different modalities of work and study I have done in this process, the mothers I have supported are having shorter, beautiful and empowering births. The rate of c-sections amongst my clients is 3% in the last 2 years since making hypnobirthing education a requirement for my clients. Ever since incorporating all my other skills, the last few births had been 10 hours or less and ending up with ecstatic mums and dads in awe of their wives. (Especially VBAC mums.) 

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