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Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy and following your intuition for a wonderful birth experience.

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A beautiful birth begins with a practice of being with your body, connecting with your baby and entrusting yourself in the powers that have your continuity in its interest.

Lorraine Sanghani


About My Practice

I started as a birth doula 3 years ago after striving for an epidural free birth with my second child. It felt like an impossible goal at that time but I put in a bit of work and asked around. Knowing women who have done it only normalised it and made it less scary.

Being connected to the whole experience made a big difference to how I felt as a mother and a woman. I got mad at all the naysayers and can only imagine more emerging mothers being scared along the way. I decided to be a doula as a side gig to help women. You may not believe birth can be positive. Your first step is to get a doula and birth education. The rest is up to your open mind and commitment. 

As a doula, I am very hands on. I also use Hypnobirthing exercises that we have practiced together. I like to create an experience that makes you feel loved and supported. I love watching mothers and fathers connect during the birth of their baby. It is such a powerfully emotional moment - the time a baby passes from one realm to another after incubation in a safe in-between. Why wouldn't you want to experience this?


HypnoBirthing benefits all types of births.

Trust the statistics and observations from this carefully crafted, evidence based international program (Mongan Method)

  • Natural birth becomes achievable: 80% of those who attended the Mongan method HypnoBirthing classes achieved a natural non medicated birth - statistics from HypnoBirthing Parents’ Birth reports that were collected between October 2005 and October 2010

  • Confidence: A significant difference positively in attitude towards childbirth and labour was found amongst couples who had attended hypnobirthing classes. Fear affects your choices negatively. (Bulez, Aysel & Ceber, Esin & Sogukpinar, Neriman, 2018)

  • The right messages: Choose your classes wisely:  Although informative, few hospital-based classes truly prepare a woman for natural childbirth (Simkin & Bolding, 2004) Many women leave other childbirth education classes more afraid particularly .

  • Pleasant Birth, intact perineum: Hypnobirthing Mongan Method mothers were found to experience less discomfort (statistically significant) compared to the control group. (Paramasivam & Mariappan & Chan, 2020) In the same study, Hypnobirthing Mongan method mothers were also less likely to have a 2nd degree tear. (20% vs 66% in the control group.)

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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”

Rudyard Kipling


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