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Enjoy the Sensations of birth
without the pain

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Seeking information

You are newly pregnant

and have no idea what to expect. The information is overwhelming.

or you have given birth before and have a feeling things could have been better.

Perhaps you had a C-section you felt could have been avoided.

Would you like to have a chat?

High Quality
Birth Education

Knowledge is power.

An option is rarely available to you unless you know about it so go get yourself a good natural birth education.

If things did not go smoothly previously, this is your chance to educate and understand what truly happened and what to do in order to take back control of your future birth experience.


Seeking Birth Support

You have discovered that childbirth, motherhood and child development is better when you are confident and connected to the process. You know you need your A team.

You want someone who can protect your space so you can do your job of surrendering to the process.

Someone you can trust for information or for ideas to work with at the twists and turns of labour and birthing. 

Someone who can help your partner be their best at the birth of your baby.

Labour Support

Perhaps with experience, you already know you need a kind of birth support that doctors and nurses can't give.

The best doulas can give.


If your fear runs deep. Just the thought of any sensation of labour freaks you out, you can't shake the idea that you might have a complication, Or you have other fears you cannot shake off.

Perhaps Hypnotherapy is something to consider. Let's have a chat.



You have or know someone who has had a miscarriage or abortion, failed IVF and is looking to heal from that experience.

Or you have given birth and you are looking to recuperate.

This ritual is for anyone whose womb had opened and is looking a nurturing close to the prenatal chapter.

Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones is a method for mending energy leakages from the opening of the uterus and movements of bones during labour or abortions. It is as much of a massage as it is energetic work to allow you to close up the birth or miscarriage or abortion experience...and move on.

This is also a thoughtful gift for anyone. Talk to me for a gift voucher.

My Clients Say

"IT WAS MAGICAL. Nishal gave me the best birth I could have asked for: In the comforts of my home, with the support of my life partner and a doula who was completely reassuring and confident."
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Roma, 1st time mom, homebirth


I am Lorraine, your birth curious, technical, book worm, experimental Birth Guide who is a little bit mystical and intend for your birth to be the most wonderful experience you have ever had. 

And believe me, your birth will be unforgettable. It took me years of reading, learning and exploring to get here. 

You don't have to take that long.


I’ve supported plenty of moms attempting vaginal births after (several) c-sections. I’ve had IVF moms, overweight moms and moms with strep B. 


I’ve had the most interesting cases of moms birthing face presentations or breeched babies. Moms with rods in their backs. They all had amazing births just following a tried and tested process of work.

You just got to do the climbing while I will be guiding you through the mountains and valleys of this amazing journey, offering you sips of Labour Energizers and body rubs in between. And if you ever need a nudge over a particular hump, I am there to give you a hand.

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