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Updated: Jun 13

For many of us in Singapore, we approach labour with a sense of fear. Even the bravest wonder if they can withstand the pain of labour. Most give up before its begun. Why experience pain? No one is giving out medals after all. So they start the process with a slight optimism that they might not need the epidural but as a just-in-case.

You might be surprised that pain relief is not necessarily associated with higher satisfaction with birth. Birth, like a lot of other activities - exercise, sex, love, come with some level of discomfort but that does not mean the experience won't be pleasurable. Mother nature has equipped our bodies with the tools to get through birth without help from artificial hormones, instruments and spinal blocks. The tools are hormones and instincts. If only we would just let them! Fear does stand in the way and creates the tension that causes pain in labour.

I teach hypnobirthing classes and I truly believe in it. Fear is the biggest part of why labour can be painful but it is not the only source. There are other practices to adopt for a smoother easy birth.

Unfortunately, fear is not the only source of pain. There are many other sources - ranging from the obvious physical (counter productive labour position, hunger, tension....) to emotional (unaddressed sexual abuse, loneliness, relationship problems) to mental (allowing the thinking neocortex brain to take control). Fortunately, hypnobirthing classes addresses many of these sources. There are several other classes I would recommend my clients to take to cover more and arm yourself with tools to birth naturally and wonderfully.

There was a time such knowledge was passed through women and by women freely when women used to labour surrounded by other caring and wise women. Ever since we have handed our births over to someone else, birth has only been surrounded by hysteria, pain and fear. I assure you seeking out this sacred information on how to birth easily is worth it, whatever the outcome of your birth. In the end, a good birth is one a mother is respected and feels that she made informed decisions about every step of the way. That cannot be achieved by handing it over to all her caregivers.

Is taking charge of what happens to you one of the first lessons of life you demonstrate to your baby?

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