Covid-19 vaccines and pregnancy/fertility/breastfeeding

What do we know about the vaccination and how does it affect us?

Vaccine induced antibodies transfers to our babies via breastmilk and placenta!

In a study of 131 women, 84 of them pregnant, it was found that the vaccine immune response was the same for pregnant or non-pregnant women. Side effects were not significantly different between the two groups. Antibodies were found in cord blood and breastmilk. (Hooray for the babies!)

Looks like the vaccine is looking like good news for us. Keep breastfeeding!

Last year, a Singaporean mother contracted the virus in her 36th week of pregnancy - all is well as she gave birth to a healthy baby with the covid-19 antibodies. Transmission of the virus in utero is very low.

Am I at risk?

According to the World Health Organisation, pregnant ladies are at higher risk of contracting the virus than non pregnant ladies. This makes sense though....given the suppressed immunity in order to hold a pregnancy.

No evidence of affected fertility by covid-19 vaccination

The british fertility society states that there is no reason not to vaccinate even if you are undergoing fertility treatments. It does not affect risk of miscarriages. (as of 11/02/2021)

Should my child have his vaccination?

Currently no vaccination is available for kids under 16. Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson have begun clinical trials on kids. Fear not, kids and teenagers below 16 are not at high risk of developing severe illness from covid-19.

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