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Hypnobirthing in Singapore: Parvinder and Luke

Updated: Mar 12

Hospital: Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore

"My husband and I started the hypnobirthing classes with Lorraine when I was circa 30 weeks. After the first session, we decided to also use Lorraine as our doula (I had started my pregnancy with the "give me all the drugs" mantra and I didn't really know what a doula was until I met Lorraine). This was hands-down the BEST decision that my husband and I made for my pregnancy. The hypnobirthing class content predominantly gave us the confidence to question and push back on things that didn't feel right, which I believe saved me unnecessary interventions (and money!). It also gave me the tools to be able to breath effectively at the different stages of labour and to calm myself during quite intense surges. Not all the relaxation techniques resonated with me, but you take the best bits for you and practice them as much as you can in the lead up to the birth so it becomes second-nature when you need to draw on these skills. That being said, the real value of these classes was the relationship that my husband and I were building with Lorraine. Even after the classes concluded, Lorraine would check in regularly via WhatsApp and she dropped in several times. This meant that when it was show-time, we were very comfortable with Lorraine, she knew both my husband and I very well and she knew exactly what to do and say to get me through. She honestly went above and beyond- for example, during phase 1 of my labour at home, she got into the shower with me fully clothed with electric candles and essential oils in hand to assist with my surges (which we found out were very far progressed as we went to the hospital about 30 minutes later and I was fully dilated). This was my first child, my labour lasted for 7.5 hours and my little girl arrived into the world drug and intervention free. I also have a relatively low pain threshold and my mum had long and arduous labours- so there is nothing unique or special about my circumstances- I honestly believe it was the combination of the hypnobirthing classes and Lorraine's doula magic that allowed me to have a birth we could have only dreamed about. Since the birth, Lorraine has continued to check-in on me and bub- she genuinely cares and loves her clients.

Don't think twice about it- book Lorraine! If you can combine the hypnobirthing classes and her doula services, even better. She was honestly a God-send and there is no way we could have had the birth we did without her. "

(Written by Pav and Luke)

This is my point of view.

Pav transformed into a birthing Goddess after months of preparation. She is a busy high flying lawyer who had no qualms about having an epidural. However, she had a bad sense about her first doctor at Raffles Medical and decided to switch to a doctor who was more obliging to her desires.

Our arrangement was that we went together to hospital so when I was informed about Pav's surges, I started preparing. That was 4.15pm. Luke informed me that it was 'intense' and that it was coming quite close together. He gave me the stats and told me to clear my schedule tomorrow.

No way. I knew baby was coming tonight. I packed and just as Luke said to make my way down, I came and saw Pav quiet with her eyes closed, breathing and humming through the surges. She reacted well to the relaxation pieces (from Hypnobirthing classes) that she had been practicing with. By now, she was used to my voice bringing about a sense of peace.

I reminded her to go to the toilet and as she sat up, she felt sick. When she was done, she said it was 'intense'. On hindsight, she might have been close to a full dilation. In a dreamy state (exactly what I like to see), she went to have a shower and loved it so much she stayed in there a while. At 8pm, she said she thought the baby was coming. Her waters were intact at 8.30pm when she was examined at hospital by the doctor who was in disbelief that this calm woman was fully dilated..

It was actually the transfer and monitoring that slowed things down.... but considering this was her first baby, 7.5 hours is a dream number! Short enough to be pleasant, long enough to be enjoyed. Are you surprised I used the word 'to be enjoyed'? Birth is to be enjoyed.....and can be!

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