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Hypnobirthing Classes
and Birth Workshops

Clever girl.

A part of you know that you need to prepare before you go into something so life changing (I definitely wish I did!) and here you are. Taking responsibility. Showing interest in your baby and your own well being.

You are already a good mother.


See what your options are.

This tried and tested program consists of 5 natural birth preparation classes which covers the physiology of the birthing process, breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, partner support tools and the re-programming of the subconscious birth mindset.

You also get:

- Marie Mongan Textbook

- Parent Guidebook

- Guided Rainbow relaxation mp3

- Birth Affirmations mp3

$750 per couple

5 x 2.5 hour classes

Note: Husbands start really apprehensive but end up loving it!

Upcoming Dates:

24 Feb 2024 - Saturdays 10am

20 April 2024 - Sundays 2pm

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