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Birth Doula Services

Questions and Answers


How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

Hiring me amplifies his role as a protector of your space. Many partners appreciate direction from someone who has seen several more births than them, allowing them to be better support for their wives and then, enjoy the birth more. 

Despite classes, husbands do tend to jump the gun when it comes to getting to hospital especially the check list ticking types. Doulas provide information and assurance that everything is happening normally. 

Birth support can be very physically taxing - even for your strong partner. He will appreciate the tag team approach to help the other recuperate and get ready for the next round of hip squeezes, sifting, massages and more...

In short, hiring me is birth support for both you and your partner. 

Doulas are hippies and inferior to medical staff whose work is backed by science. Why should I believe anything you say?

Contrary to belief, our work is backed by science. Nature is science. We also work based on what the statistics and studies say. For that reason, I will link to credible sources for your assurance.

Doulas are more likely to condone what is natural because it is best for the parents, the mother and babies. (The future of our world!) We work with the natural occurring hormones in a birthing mother and use tried and tested natural comforts to help a mother and her baby do what nature intended. This empowers them both for life!

I do believe there is a place for medical intervention. There are cases where the health of the baby and the mother are at great risk and the benefit of medical intervention is greater. Routine medical intervention however, is likely to be harmful to your baby and you. 

While physiological damage is most cited, the biggest cost, in my opinion, is to the health (microbiome) of the baby, trauma in the nervous system (which is most likely even though nothing is seen outwardly), postnatal depression (which is on the rise strangely due to strong anesthesia in c-sections, fluctuating hormones and pain post childbirth.) and bonding. 

What is the difference between hiring you as my doula and going for your hypnobirthing classes?

As a doula, I will go through your birth plan and support you accordingly. I will provide you with the comforts and information as we go along. If you had gone through hypnobirthing education, I would use your anchors and the words I say to you will remind you of what you know and how to react accordingly. I will not be providing birth education or hypnobirthing education as a doula.

As a Hypnobirthing educator, I will spend 5 days over 5 weeks with you to educate and practice the skills of hypnosis for a pleasant birth. With these skills, you can help yourself relax with or without anyone else (though it is always better WITH - for security and support). You will learn so much about birth beforehand that will give you confidence about making certain decisions instead of stressing about whose word to take when the time came.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

No. I am not medically trained and as a doula, I am not permitted to perform any medical examinations. That is for the nurses and doctors to do.