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What to Expect of the Hypno-doula service

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General run of events

All mothers engaging me have attended Hypnobirthing classes - The Mongan method preferably. 


We gain clarity on what you intend to get out of the labour experience. By the end of the meeting, you would be equipped with birth options to choose from and how you might go about it. You will receive information on preparing for birth - from nutrition to what to pack. 

The next meeting 

Prepare your birthing muscles and ligaments so things can go more smoothly on THE day. I will also handover a Rebozo for you to use up until the day you deliver. 

We will meet prior to labour for a bespoke session - a hypnotherapy session for birth as well as a session to release any remaining fears, if any. Body work is also an option. This is also when I handover the tens machine should you choose to use it.

On the day of labour. I will see you at your home to do any last minute tweaks and let you be with your husband. I will bring a small ball for you to lean on in labour.

The next time I see you, the heavy lifting needs to be done so your husband is likely to call me. I will be with you in approximately an hour...and be with you supporting you and your husband in all ways until you have birthed your baby.

I do provide extra birth comforts to feed your physical needs like acupuncture and heat bags - however the real gift is in the hypnosis.

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