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Why I do Birth Work

My dad always said he wasted money on my education in finance! haha. While the material is interesting, I spent more time squirming in the office than the actual work. I needed to do more especially when I realised that the world was in dire need of another kind of help. There is so much suffering - and let's put some important issues of hunger aside. The separation between people has created an ability to hurt another person without regard. Think of Hitler and the Jews. Think of Israel and Palestine. Its all us vs them. Think of how mothers can hurt their children - and while we are appalled at the severely psychologically damaged (the ones who scald or beat their kids to death), we are all capable of hurting our kids with neglect, ostracization, shame, harsh criticism in the name of discipline. There was a time women were putting their vulnerable babies out to cry on their own to 'discipline' them because of the lack of self trust and disconnection. These babies stop crying. Shamed into asking for the nurturing they deserved. Programmed to give up expecting their mother's love. 

I truly believe when women birth naturally, they stay connected to the process and their babies.  Babies learn how to connect and how to love and be loved by the mirroring parent. Such babies are programmed with these thoughts. They are likely to be the ones to grow up and form better connections and make the world a peaceful, loving place.


When I was pregnant the first time, I rolled the way most in Singapore did - getting the best obstetrician based on how good his stitching is known to be or by recommendation from a friend. I had epidural, it felt disconnected and my baby was born angry. Bonding and confidence in my maternal instincts were lacking. Despite that, I breastfed for 8 consecutive years.

With my second pregnancy, I wanted to experience childbirth. I got educated on what physiological birth was and used hypnobirthing as well as other comforts. I got myself a great Doctor who was respectful of my choices. I had a much better birth and the process was positively transformative.

Creating a disconnection to our divine feminine power kept us small (Do you think you could birth naturally? If there is a doubt, you are a victim of this darkness.) - with the sweet temptation of an easy, feeling free birth such as epidural. Disconnecting us from our babies imprints in our babies an unworthiness of love that continues into adulthood.

I want women to know how powerful they are and how they hold the key to a better future  world - how their mothering really matter. Disconnection is really not a great start. I hold parents so they can hold their babies in presence.... and love.

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Skills and Certifications


Childbirth International

Certified Birth Doula

Basic certification in understanding the labouring body, birth and how to provide physical and emotional birth support.

Sophie Messager

Closing The Bones Workshop

Basic skills - practice enhanced by teachings of some indigenous medicine women.


Spinning Babies

Hypnobirthing - Mongan Method

Workshop - understanding positioning of babies and birthing ligaments. Tools for repositioning and relaxing muscles.

Hypnobirthing Educator Certification

Teaching Groups birth tools, birth fears reprogramming and the truth of natural birth


Hypnotherapy Training Institute

Theta Healing


Hypnotherapy Training Institute

Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification

Theta Healing Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Baby's Grasp

“We are born of love; Love is our mother”


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